Microsoft Introduces Windows 8

What would happen if you powered up your computer and the desktop looked like this?

Windows 8


If you are getting ready to purchase a new windows computer, be aware that you will most likely be getting a computer equipped with a new operating system, Windows 8.  The new operating system is flashy and resembles the screen on your Android or iPhone. 

Mike Williams writes on techradar.computing, ” Windows 8 has undergone a major redesign which sees the Start menu scrapped, the desktop demoted, and years of interface conventions thrown away.”  Click here to read what he says you will have to “relearn” to use Windows 8.

PC World also offers what they refer to as, “Windows 8:  The official review.”  Click here to see the PC World review of Windows 8.

It is still possible to purchase a new computer with Windows 7 rather than Windows 8; however, you will probably have to order the computer with specs for Windows 7 as the operating system.  Be an educated buyer before you purchase a new computer; do some research on Windows 8 and decide which operating system you prefer.


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