Introducing Excel 2016’s New IFS Function!

Have you ever needed to establish categories or summary ranges for numerical information?

Let’s say you have the feedback from a seminar that was held earlier this year, and you’ve chosen the categories of Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, and Unsatisfactory to help determine what items need improvement or attention as you plan future seminars.

In our example, the results have to have a rating of 87 or above to be considered Excellent, 86 to 75 to be Satisfactory, and 74 to 70 for the Needs Improvement category. A score of 69 and below is considered Unsatisfactory.

08-29-2016_dYou can use the new IFS Function in Excel 2016 to help you quickly obtain your information. In fact the Excel 2016 IFS function can help obtain the conditions on 127 different conditions!!  In our example, you can see the categories and scores for these items, but how can we quickly determine what needs improvement, is satisfactory, etc.?
Just one word of caution
–if you open a file containing the IFS function in an older Excel version, the error message #NAME? will appear.

The two screen shots below allow you to see the conditions and the criteria for this function that must be met for each category. We simply create the IFS function for the first item and include conditions and what will appear for each score. In this case Cell C3 is where the IFS function will appear for the conditions in Cell B3.

 08-29-2016_a08-29-2016_bOnce all of your conditions are stated in Cell C3, you can then copy the function in to Cells C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, and C9 and presto! You have your work completed! The finished results appear below:

08-29-2016_cKeep learning how to use Excel more efficiently so that you work smarter,
not harder!!!

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