How to Link a Single PowerPoint Slide to Word or Excel 2007/2010

Have you ever had to prepare for a meeting and needed to enhance a Word or Excel report with one or two PowerPoint slides from an existing PowerPoint presentation?
You may already know how it is easy to create a link to a PowerPoint file within Word or Excel, but what if you don’t want to view the entire presentation? You will then find yourself “clicking through” the presentation to get to that meaningful slide, which just happens to be Slide 20! Furthermore, you should not be forced to make a separate presentation file for that all important slide or two you want to show your group at this event.
Ellen Finkelstein, who writes for the PC Pitstop Newsletter, has a great tip that can help you navigate quickly and easily from Word or Excel to that specific slide in PowerPoint.
Follow these steps to use this handy tip:
1. Suggestion: Put all of your Word/Excel and PowerPoint files for this project in the same folder.
2.  Open your PowerPoint presentation, go to the slide you want to link to Word/Excel, and note the the number of the slide, e.g., 6.
Tip: If you want the title of the slide to appear in the Tool Tip for the hyperlink, note the slide title as well, e.g., Contact Information.
3.  Then choose File Save As and change the file type to PowerPoint Show.
4.  Open your Word/Excel file, and go to the location in this file where the hyperlink will be inserted. You can either right click to get the shortcut menu, or use the Insert tab and choose Hyperlink.
5.  Once you are in the In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click the Existing File or Web Page button. Select the file—notice the icon is different for a PowerPoint Show than a regular PowerPoint presentation, and the file extensions are also different—.ppsx versus .pptx.
6. You’ll see the name of the file in the dialog box’s Address text box. If there are spaces in the file name, you may see %20 in place of the spaces. The HTML code for a space is %20, so just leave the codes as they are if they are found in name of your file.
7.  At the end of the file name in the Address box, add a # symbol, then the slide number. Depending on the configuration of your system, however, you may not have the %20 codes.
An example of the %20 codes might be: How%20To%20Link%20A%20Single%20Slide.ppsx#6.
Tip: To add a tool tip to your hyperlink back in your Word/Excel file, be sure you are still in the PowerPoint file, then click the Outline tab in the left-hand pane and copy and paste the slide title from so that it appears as the end of the name in the Address box. Tool Tips come in handy when you are hovering over a hyperlink because they help identify the specific link. In our example the title of the slide is Contact Information.  See an example in the illustration above.
8. When you have finished with the Hyperlink dialog box, click OK to return to your Word/Excel document.
9.  Test your hyperlink by holding the Ctrl key + clicking on the hyperlink on the text (or object in our case) to see it open to the specific slide in PowerPoint.
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