Exploring New Features in Word 2016

With Word 2016 making its debut last September and now that the year 2016 has arrived, it’s a good time to explore some of the new features that are in this latest version of Word.

Use the Tell Me Feature

01-19-2016 Word Feature 1aThis feature can help you get the answers (and steps) to tasks quickly and easily. Simply look to the right on the ribbon and locate the text field which will allow you to type in your query or topic.
For example, I decided I wanted to find out how to insert a math equation into a Word document. As you can see in the next two illustrations, it’s just that easy—type the topic and you will be presented with a list of possibilities. Another feature that is contained within the equations area is Ink Equations.
01-19-2016 Word Feature 1b

Write with Ink Equations
If I decide at this point that I want to actually “write” an equation, I can use my mouse to draw the equation or use my finger or a stylus with a touch screen device. My “written” equation will automatically be converted to text.

01-19-2016 Word Feature 1c


Take Advantage of Smart Lookup
Use Bing’s lookup feature to help you with research on the web or word definitions without leaving Word. Simply select the word or phrase and right-click it and then choose Smart Lookup from the short-cut menu. You will at least get definitions, perhaps some Wiki articles, and depending on the topic/phrase, you may get graphics as well. I chose “social media” as my topic, and the second screen shot below shows a wealth of information that was generated, and all without leaving Word!

01-19-2016 Word Feature 1d01-19-2016 Word Feature 1e

Collaborate Quickly and Easily
Need to work on a document with other people? If you use OneDrive or SharePoint, you can collaborate in “real time.” In other words, you can see the changes made by each other as they happen. Once you’ve saved the document online, you just click Share (located in the far-right corner) to generate a link or email an invitation. Once the others have opened the document and agreed to share changes, you can see their changes as they happen.

Create Great Looking Shapes Faster and Easier
Word’s lineup up of shapes from the Shapes gallery just got easier by allowing you to give your documents that professional look in selecting the color or special effect enhancements for your shapes from a list of presets.

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