Excel and Subtotals

If you frequently click on the Data tab in either Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, you may have noticed a button in the Outline group called “Subtotal.”  It is a feature used when summarizing repeating data in a list of information is important.  Many users of Excel’s database features are unfamiliar with this feature.  However, its utilization will save a great deal of time if the task you have been asked to perform involves summarizing data.

Here is a link to an article by Susan Harkins published as part of the TechRepublic Blog.  The article not only explains the Subtotals feature but also shows easy to follow examples on how the feature is used.  The files she uses to explain the feature are also available for you to download and practice.

Click here to view the Susan Harkins article on the Subtotals feature in Excel.

You will notice that the Subtotals feature provides a quick, easy way to group and summarize a range of data.  It also lets you create not only subtotals using the SUM function, but other statistics including COUNT, AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN.  Enjoy exploring and using this versatile Excel feature!


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