Customizing Bullets in Word

Word 2013I’m sure most of us have used Word’s bullet feature at some point and, no doubt, selected one of the pre-defined shapes and colors. However, if you want to add a little “zing” to one of your documents, consider using a customized bullet to emphasize your key points.

Let’s suppose I have a document that focuses on Richland College, and that I want to emphasize some important aspects of student life at Richland. The typical user might be tempted to use bullets in the document in the traditional manner:

04-28-2014 Inserted Text with Traditional BulletsHowever, if you want to use a look that ties all aspects of your document together, you may want to consider customizing the bullets. Since the Thunderduck logo has been used as part of the opening in this document, why not repeat this image as a bullet and as part of the focus?

To customize your bullets, simply complete the following steps:

1.  Highlight your bulleted list and click on the Bullet icon to turn the bullets off.

2.  Click the arrow next to the Bullet icon and select Define New Bullet (at the bottom) and choose the middle option Picture. Your screen should be similar to the one pictured below:

04-28-2014 Define New Bullet3.  Select the image file you want to use from the drive and folder where the file is located—the image file will then be uploaded to Word’s bullet library. Click OK to complete the upload process.

4.  Your screen should be showing your document, and you can then select the list of text that you want to have bulleted.

5.  Click the arrow next to the Bullet icon and then click on your custom bullet from the Bullet Library area. Your screen should look similar to the image below.

04-28-2014 New Custom Item in Define New Bullet Area.jpg6.  Your bulleted list should now show the custom bullet for each of your items in the list.

04-28-2014 Inserted Text with Custom Bullets

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Word logo image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation