Customize and Adjust Your Word 2010 Settings (Part II)

In our July 30th post, you read about some ways to customize your Word 2010 application.  There are several more of these that might be of interest to you!

Along with changing the font defaults in Word 2010, you can also change layout defaults.  These include margins, orientation, and many others.  For example, open the Page Setup dialog box by clicking the launcher button in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab. (The launcher button is located in the bottom right corner of a group of buttons.  The group name is below the group of buttons.  The launch looks like a little arrow with a line to the top and left of it.)  After making your adjustments, click the “Save as Default” button, then choose Yes and hit the OK button.

Another customization you can make is to the Paragraph settings.  Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + O, then hit P to open the Paragraph dialog box.  You can also click on the Home tab and then on the Launcher in the Paragraph group to open it, too.  Change the spacing and other options, then click “Save as Default”, Yes, and OK.

One of the buttons that I really miss is the Autoformat command button. If someone sends you a horribly formatted document, the Autoformat feature can be a time-saver.  I’ve experienced this when someone sent me the text in the body of an email which I then had to add it into a Word document.   The Autoformat button is not on the ribbon in Word 2010 (nor was it in Word 2007).  You can bring back the button on the Quick Access toolbar, though.

The toolbar appears above the ribbon (directly over the File and Home tabs).  Click the down arrow at the right end of the toolbar.  Click More Commands.  You will see a drop-down menu under “Choose commands from”. Select “Commands Not In the Ribbon”.  Then, choose Autoformat, click the Add button, and then OK.  While you are here, add any other commands that you use regularly.


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