Changing the Default Chart Type in Excel

You may already be aware that the fastest way to create a chart in Excel is by using the F11 key.  You simply select the data on the Excel spreadsheet that you want to chart and then press the F11 key.  Your chart is created and placed on a new sheet tab.

When you press F11, the default chart type is created—a 2D Column Chart.  What if, however, you want to change the default chart type for Excel so that when you press F11 a different type of chart is created?

Your first step is to open the Change Chart Type dialog box (a chart must be selected on the screen), click the Chart Tools Design tab, in the first group on the Ribbon (Type), then click Change Chart Type, which will open the dialog box. 


Choose the chart you want to use as the default.  Click the Set as Default Chart button at the bottom of the dialog box. 

The next time you use the F11 chart shortcut key, it will present the type of chart you selected as the new default!


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