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Did Your Ribbon Disappear?

One of the new features introduced in Office 2007 was the Ribbon interface.  The Ribbon is still a vital part of Office 2010 and the newest version, Office 2013.

Some users become very frustrated because suddenly as they are hurriedly completing a task the buttons on the Ribbon are no longer visible and all that can be seen are the tabs across the top of the Ribbon, for example in Microsoft Word 2013, Home, Insert, Design, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review,  and View.  You might call this the “mystery of the missing buttons,” which can be most annoying to the user.


Ribbon with Only Tabs Displayed

The cause of the problem and its solution are, however, very simple.  We have all become very accustomed to double clicking the left mouse button to issue a command.  However, if you double click a tab on the Ribbon, it hides the buttons on the Ribbon.  How do you get those buttons to reappear?  Simply double click any tab again, and, magically, everything is back as it should be!


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9+ Reasons Why OneNote 2013 Can Help You Become More Successful!

08-11-2014 OneNote LogoTake a “working tip” from Richland College’s POFT 1309 Administrative Office Procedures course on how to increase your productivity and efficiency at the office.

Like so many other things these days, projects at work seem to have many moving parts—some parts need your attention right away, and other tasks come later but are equally as important.

Use the tag feature in OneNote 2013 to help you keep your priorities and tasks in order and to help make sure your project is completed successfully.

OneNote 2013 (the desktop version) comes equipped with a wealth of tags that can make creating notes and tasks, inserting images, locating important web sites, gathering contact information, etc., easy to organize, track, and search as you progress through your project.

There are nine handy OneNote tags described below; however, there are a number of other OneNote tags that can help you with your work load as well. You can also create custom tags for even more specialization.

08-11-2014 One Note Complete

Use OneNote tags to help you plan, organize, and complete those multiple tasks that are so important to the successful completion of your work projects!

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***Get a Free Copy of Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013***If you are a student in the Dallas County Community College District, you are eligible to download a free version of Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus (or 2011 on the Mac) which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote.