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Did Your Ribbon Disappear?

One of the new features introduced in Office 2007 was the Ribbon interface.  The Ribbon is still a vital part of Office 2010 and the newest version, Office 2013.

Some users become very frustrated because suddenly as they are hurriedly completing a task the buttons on the Ribbon are no longer visible and all that can be seen are the tabs across the top of the Ribbon, for example in Microsoft Word 2013, Home, Insert, Design, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review,  and View.  You might call this the “mystery of the missing buttons,” which can be most annoying to the user.


Ribbon with Only Tabs Displayed

The cause of the problem and its solution are, however, very simple.  We have all become very accustomed to double clicking the left mouse button to issue a command.  However, if you double click a tab on the Ribbon, it hides the buttons on the Ribbon.  How do you get those buttons to reappear?  Simply double click any tab again, and, magically, everything is back as it should be!


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Let Microsoft OneNote 2010 Help You Get Organized!

Are you working on a project that involves collecting data from several applications or sources? Are you are at the stage in the project where you are just “jotting down” and collecting ideas? Let Microsoft’s OneNote 2010 help you collect and organize your thoughts.

Although OneNote has been around since the 2003 Office version, many people are still not aware of the package or its ability to help with planning and bringing information together effectively.

OneNote acts as a “one-stop” digital notebook for gathering and putting all of your material together for a project or for developing ideas.

For example, getting that 10-page feasibility report file from Word, along with some charts from the sales data in Excel, and important images from the company’s web site, and those key multimedia slides from last month’s Chicago PowerPoint presentation can now be collected, “scrap booked,” and assembled in OneNote, which is not restricted by margins or space. OneNote 2010 is fully integrated with the other Office 2010 products.  You can also sync your OneNote files with your desktop, laptop, SmartPhone app, tablet, and the cloud.

If you need to get input from others by having them contribute information/data to the project, it is very easy to collaborate with them, or perhaps you just want to hear what they have to say about the project, you know, letting them add their “2 cents worth.” You decide!

As offices move from being heavily dependent on paper to being places that are more focused on the “paperless” digital world, packages such as OneNote will become more commonplace.

For anyone interested in adding another certification accomplishment to his or her skills set and resume, OneNote has become Microsoft’s latest productivity software package to join the MOS certification group. You can get more details by visiting Microsoft’s certification partner Certiport.

Find out more about this package today by looking at one of Microsoft’s introductory free training videos on OneNote 2010.

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