Are You Really Prepared For That Interview???

Whether the administrative assistant career path is one of your short-term or long-term goals, you need to have in-depth, quality responses ready for potential interviewers.

The online job bank,, has provided an excellent list of questions and suggested responses for you to examine in order to help you prepare answers that will help you outshine the competition.

Certainly if you are currently employed as an administrative assistant, you are aware of the fact that your duties may cover a wide area—you have to be proficient in software, have good interpersonal skills, be able to research information competently, be able to demonstrate good writing skills. You may also be responsible for delegating or overseeing projects through to their completion, arranging travel schedules, and handling aspects of the company’s social media site—just to name a few.

According to Robert Hosking, who is executive director of OfficeTeam and who is mentioned in the article, you need to have your skill sets delineated into two broad categories—hard skills and soft skills. You need to think of responses that will clearly show off your abilities and initiatives to potential employers.

The bottom line is that employers want to know how you can use your skills in their organization, and you should be prepared to explain scenarios that give them an idea as to whether your skills are good match to the culture of their organization.

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