“Printed Nature” Exhibit in Brazos Gallery, Aug. 27-Sept. 21

The Richland College community is invited to “Printed Nature” from Aug. 27-Sept. 21 in the Brazos Gallery. Artist David Van Ness has been working with 3D printing and digital fabrication since 2005 and is fascinated with the medium. Although common in the digital art world, 3D printing and digital fabrication is a relatively new concept to apply to sculptures.

In his work, Van Ness has explored issues of creativity on a variety of different projects, and he uses vector geometry, data sets and a combination of the two. He is also looking at ways to combine data to alter perceptions and to re-imagine art. The Richland community is also invited to meet Van Ness at an artist reception at 1 p.m. Sept. 11 in the Brazos Gallery.

For more information, contact Charles Coldewey at CColdewey@dcccd.edu.